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We Find the Best Rate on Life Insurance for You. Free Quotes! As Low As $13 Per Month.

Insurance Consumers Risks Evaluation

The Process of Risks Evaluation for Life Insurance


Autor: Christee Fontanez
(Consumer’s unpleasant and embarrassing situations to be evaluated for different types of Insurance)
At a certain moment in our lives we will apply for a Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Insurance for disability, Long Term Care. So we are going to be evaluated.
As a definition, risks evaluation is the process in which a big financial firm evaluate applicants of a Life Insurance to see if they are eligible to receive the benefits and policies they are applying for. 
For many people, this is a discouraging process. Based on the benefit and the type of Insurance we are applying for, the Insurance Company can access to our medical record, our traffic records, phone interviews , even sending us a paramedic to practice a blood test. In this article we are going to see several processes that you will come across when applying for a Life Insurance.

The application form
No matter what kind of policy you are applying for, you will have to answer a group of medical questions.

These questions can be related to any symptom you are feeling at present time as well as your whole medical record.
To make this process easier, and even for your own convenience, if you are in medical treatment, write on a piece of paper all the remedies and or pills you are taking, and what are they for, the doses you are taking, the frequency in which you are taking them, and also the name of the doctor who prescribed them for you. 
You have to mention if you have had any surgery in the last five years, or if you have any one planned in the future. It doesn't matte if it is a minor surgery, you will need all the information related to it anyways.
In this case, you write down on a piece of paper detailed information about the surgery , the date of each one , which the diagnosis was to justify the surgery, the doctor who performed it/ them, how long after the surgery you received medical treatment and how healthy you feel now.
The phone interview
The phone interview in not a big deal. Please be patient if an agent of the Insurance Company calls you again to ask about the same information you answered in your application form. Even when you have already answered all, people sometimes forget the process they had some years ago or forget to mention they were going to replace their work insurance with this new policy. 
The paramedic evaluation
For many people, this is probably the deal that makes them feel more nervous.
Depending on the kind of insurance you are applying for, the paramedic will make a cotton swab slide in your mouth to extract some blood from you, and then an electrocardiogram (in resting position).
Some practical advice to go through the different segments of the exam:
Cotton swab- You make sure that you have not had anything before the exam, and if you did it, do not forget to swill out your mouth. You must inform the nurse if you have a sickening reflux, but paramedics generally just let a cotton swab go along the inner part of your cheeks.
Urine test- The urine test can provide a lot of information such as the level of proteins, sugar, nicotine, certain type of infections, including HIV.
The best thing you can do to get better results is to have a glass of water half an hour before the paramedic arrives. You should not exceed this measure because you can feel uncomfortable. The paramedic will tell you the quantity of urine they will need but it is usually enough with just a little bit.
Another tip – if you have arranged an early appointment- is not only to drink a glass of water, but you also have to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. During the night our bodies get ride of lots of toxins and contaminants so you will not want the paramedic takes a sample like this to the insurance company.
Blood test- blood test is becoming a more and more common process. Some companies required fasting if you have arranged an early morning appointment . If you need to eat something, you should have something light like strawberries, a glass of milk or orange juice, or something like this. Try to avoid eating pancakes or too much bacon for breakfast. 
Blood test are necessary to check up your cholesterol levels, kidney enzymes, blood cell count and other body normal functions as well as proof of infections. Most of the times they will require two tubes of blood from you. You must be patient. 
They are doing those test all the time and these processes are generally fast and painless.
Another tip- it is very usual that people are keeping different diets- especially at the beginning of the year and during the summer, which also coincides with the moment people apply for Life Insurance. 
Some diets can affect the levels of cholesterol or sugar. For example, if you are on low-carbohydrate diet, you are allowed to eat any type of fatty meat you want. In this case try to avoid eating food with high levels of grease at least 24 hours before the test. Choose low fat chicken or fish to avoid the trouble of having excess of fat circulating in your flood. Also tell them if you are following one of these diets so that if your cholesterol is a bit high, this result can be explained.
Electrocardiogram- This part of the exam is performed only when you are applying for a high insurance policy or you are older than certain limit age. We can assure it is painless. They will probably ask you to lie down on the floor or on a sofa.
Don't forget once you have made your appointment that perhaps you would probably not like lying down on the floor of your working place with your shirt undone. 
The paramedic will locate a series of sticky small pads connected through wires to different parts of your chest.
Man, if you have a lot of hair on it, the paramedic will probably have to shave that area. It will not cause you any more trouble than feeling slight itching when the hair starts growing again. 
This exam is carried out to listen to heart rhythm and beating, check any strange sound and know if your heart is working properly or if you are suffering from any heart pathology.
The only tip for this step is to keep calm and relaxed. Try to take deep relaxing breaths. If we are excited, the palpitations from our heart can suffer an alteration. Try not to panic because the test will be finished in a few minutes.
For many people, the risks evaluation process can turned out weird and intimidating. The aim of this article is to calm down your anxiety and help you to understand the process.
It doesn't matter of passing or failing your grade. It is just a simple snapshot of your present health condition so the company can determine the amount of life insurance you are finally going to qualify for. Good luck!

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