We Find the Best Rate on Life Insurance for You. Free Quotes! As Low As $13 Per Month.

We Find the Best Rate on Life Insurance for You. Free Quotes! As Low As $13 Per Month.

I can get a Life Insurance if I smoke

I Can Get a Life Insurance in Miami

Three important questions for smokers when acquiring a life insurance

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1- Can I own a reasonably cheap life insurance if I am a smoker?

Being a smoker you will find it more difficult to get a cheap prize in acquiring a life insurance. You are likely to have to pay more for the monthly premiums in comparison with non-smokers. Everyone knows about the dangers that cigarettes involve for health and it is supposed that a smoker has more risks of catching cancer or other serious illnesses than a non-smoker.

Therefore, his fees for a life insurance will be higher, because of this habit.
However, all is not lost, you can still despite your condition be insured. It is possible that the only consequence will be that you will have to pay a little bit more money.
2-How can I get precise information about life insurance policies for me as a smoker?

The best option in this case is to have an interview with a qualified agent, who will be able to provide you with a great deal of valuable information that can allow you to take more accurate decisions at the moment of choosing the best life insurance for you.

In we have designed a short form of contact for you to fill in without any difficulty.
The questions are extremely simple in order not to overburden you with long forms or questionnaires that will make you feel frustrated in the attempt of looking for the best solution.

The agent knows, on the base of your budget, conditions, needs, which policy is the adequate for your and, on the other hand, you have the chance to speak with a human being, in contrast with the trouble of having to look for quotations on line and not finding the right place for you.

Of course, we are not against automation and the real chance that the Internet gives you to get certain quotations in a quick and easy way, the point is that you will feel more satisfied if an insurance professional agent assists you instead of getting your information alone in front of a computer.

Besides, with the agent’s support, you will avoid answering the same questions several times, or having the trouble of contacting half a dozen of life insurance companies or agencies because all the precise information you need about insurance services and different providers will be resumed in the agent’s resources to help you. In fact, you will be able to save plenty of time.

Anyway, if you still want to look for some online information, you might find any type of fees, which will allow you to get the best possible prize. What ten years ago was difficult- comparing different insurance fees- has been solved by the Internet nowadays.

3- Why do you need a life insurance if you are a smoker?

We have previously referred to the fact that if you are a smoker, you are taking more risk concerning to your health and we have arrived to the conclusion that you will have to pay more for your life insurance. Insurance companies try to protect their interests, assuming the least amount of loss in relation to your smoking habit, and they compensate the risks in advanced charging you more money on the monthly premiums.

Do not believe that the insurance agency is against you because you are a smoker, concerning to the higher premium you have to accept. There are other similar cases that involve a higher risk of death such as the practice of risky sports or professions those also increase the monthly premium

But, the important point is to define if you need a life insurance, just for being a smoker, and the answer is “yes”, we can assure that it is indispensable. You can not see your life two or least years ahead, you have to imagine it within the next ten years o more. You have to be concerned about your own future and your family’s with prevision and intelligence, thinking that your habit, sooner or later, can bring you serious consequences and your close family will probably be in need of your support earlier than it is usual.

Of course, the ideal thing to do is give up smoking and this way you will have to pay cheaper insurance fees, similar to the people who do not smoke. Anyway, if you being aware of the consequences, have even decided to carry on smoking, treating you badly because of the cigarette, it would be wiser to have a protection and this is the main reason for you to get a life insurance.

Adalberto Ravelo
Insurance Agent
Blogger-Consultor Internet- Marketing

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