We Find the Best Rate on Life Insurance for You. Free Quotes! As Low As $13 Per Month.

We Find the Best Rate on Life Insurance for You. Free Quotes! As Low As $13 Per Month.

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 Life Insurance is perfectly defined in the section 624.602 in the State of Florida Law, where the assurance of human lives is clearly detailed. It is product of a negotiation between the insured and the insurance company, which turns into an agreement or contract where both parts have to assume their own responsibilities.

The former accepts the commitment of paying the quotes called premiums and the insurance company has the obligation to pay an arranged quantity of money to the beneficiary, who has previously been designated by the insurer in case of their dead.

There are several types of life insurance- but just two of them are the most important ones.

* Whole Life Insurance: which basically allows economic benefits in case of dead and as time passes.
* Term Life Insurance which as its name suggests consists of benefits determined for a certain a number of years.

It is important for you to take into account that insurance companies in some occasions use certain excuses in order to avoid paying the amounts of money arranged in life insurance policies. It is really disappointing that those kinds of things happen when you have been assuming a certain quantity of monthly payments, maybe for years, and the company refuses to pay you in view of the amount they owe you.
This is the reason for which you have to define some “ key points” when arranging your life insurance policy, or even if you have already made mistakes maybe you are likely to correct them quickly if you take into account those tips.

4 Mistakes You Should Not Make When You Buy a Life Insurance Policy.

1-No designate the right beneficiary at the time you buy the policy.
2-Make any fraud against the insurance company.
3-Distort, change or leave out important information in you insurance policy.
4-Forget to leave clearly determined the cause of dead in the demise certificate.

These are some of the main reasons why insurance companies can deny you the right to get the payment of the arranged benefits. They are not the unique ones, and they come from mistakes that you make when taking the decision of counting on a life insurance

Of course, your family will not be alone in a moment like this because there is a legal solution: if a life insurance company denies what they owe you, they must provide the beneficiaries with detailed justifications for which they do not pay what they are claiming. There are some legal procedures to appeal such decisions coming from the insurance agencies.

Beside this, it is difficult to understand the language in a life insurance policy because they include technical vocabulary that possibly will not sound familiar to you. It is necessary in this case that you count on proper advice. So it will be good for you to have the help of a professional who knows how to defend your rights in front of the insurance company since the early beginning in you negotiation.

A lawyer would help you to avoid those failures that can cause you a lot of loss if you do not have the proper knowledge. According to what the Law has established, the insurance companies can be responsible for the fees and the costs that must be paid to the slawyers and courts.

Fortunately, we can rely on a firm of well-known lawyers who has been attending any types of claims for more than 60 years.
Greenberg &Stone can be contact on the website written at the end of this text.
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